TNR PROGRAM (trap-neuter-release)

The TNR programs have been researched and it is an effective and proven way to control community cat populations.  EPAWA started this program and it has been a great success for us and our community.  EPAWA has established  city permitted feeding stations throughout Burlington.  These stations establish an area that the community (feral) cats know to come to for food which makes our trapping more successful.

TNR is done carefully, humanely and helps unwanted cats in our community.

Cats are trapped, altered, vaccinated, ear tipped and then released back to where they were trapped.


EPAWA now has an adoption program where we share photos of our pets needing a forever home.  We share these on our Web page and Facebook page.  We are a foster base organization where these animals are placed in loving homes, evaluated, vetted, worked with and treated like our own. These animals are given time to adjust then put up for adoption.  An application and adoption fee is required before any animal is considered.  Click on the "Adopt" button above to see our current adoptable animals.

We realize that our adoption process is very in-depth.  Every step we have in place is there to ensure that our fur buddies go to homes that are educated in the breed, and are able and willing to provide the love, care and patience our animals need for their entire lifetime.

The promise to our rescues is simple....We try our absolute best to ensure that their next home will be their forever safe place.  Our adoption process and application provide the means for us to keep that promise.  EPAWA Thanks You for your patience throughout our adoption process!

​​Make a positive difference in the life of an animal!

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EPAWA started a rescue program in 2015.  We work hard at placing unclaimed, unwanted pound dogs or surrender dogs in foster homes until they are adopted through us or through our partner rescues.  Click on the "Adopt" button above to see our current adoptable animals


The motivation behind these clinics is to help people who ordinarily wouldn't have their pets altered and vaccinated due to lack of funds and resources.  Every pet spayed or neutered is a building block for eradicating pet overpopulation.  There are many pets that are accidentally bred every year and this contributes to the huge number of animals that end up in shelters and pounds.  These animals are often euthanized due to lack of funds or lack of room in shelters.  PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER TODAY!